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Carbon Heater® Blog - What do you do against back pain?

With these 5 tips you will also drive away your back pain!

Back pain - almost everyone knows about it and often suffers from it for years. Medications and therapies often provide only temporary relief of the symptoms. Too many are the possible causes and the possible treatment options. Patients often feel left alone, not taken seriously and written off as hypochondriacs.

With these measures, you can actively and effectively get your back pain under control - fight the cause, not (just) the symptoms.

1.) Stress and back pain

There are many phrases that illustrate the relationship between stress and back pain: "The burden on my shoulders is too big" - "The problem is on my neck" - "The tasks depress me" and many more.

When we are stressed, we involuntarily tighten our muscles. Muscles live from the interplay of tension to relaxation. A short-term tension (usually physical) is normal, because they are always followed by relaxation. It only becomes problematic if we can not find ourselves in the state of relaxation because of all the stress (mostly psychological). Permanently tense muscles lead to painful cramps - the back hurts, the neck is tense and the shoulders press.

Break the vicious circle between stress and back pain and actively promote relaxation. Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training or Jacobsen muscle relaxation are helpful both physically and psychologically. You never solve concrete problems by looking the other way, repression merely amplifies the problems. Better deal with problems early on. Solve small problems before they can grow up - that's easier. Not only your back will thank you.

2.) Body weight and back pain

The more weight you have, the more your back will be required. The more curves your body has, the more your spine has to bend to stay upright. Keeping an eye on your weight is not only important for your daily activities, even at night too much weight can literally be "too much" for your sleep system. Quick mattresses prevent restful sleep. An exception among all sleep systems is the waterbed - this is the same for both your weight and body size. In water beds you are always ergonomically correct due to the physical displacement of the element water.

Take care of your weight and sleep in a good sleep system. If you have more than 120 kilograms of body weight, you should think about a waterbed - since conventional mattresses are usually maximally aligned with this body weight. Thanks to variable capacity, waterbeds love every weight and support it optimally.

3.) Exercise and back pain

Pain forces us involuntarily into a restraint. It seems unreasonable to be able to move with pain. And yet it is worth the overcoming! Through targeted and gentle movement exercises you promote blood circulation and relaxation of your muscles. Use the body's own release of painkilling substances through active movements in painless areas. Stretch, stretch, stretch, bend over and bend your body - to the point of pain, not beyond. So you support the healing process, while bed rest and lack of exercise hinder him in the long term.

Move regularly - even with back pain. If the pain is severe or after a long period of inactivity, you should take special physiotherapy under expert supervision.

4.) Heat and back pain

Heat relaxes cramped muscles. For local complaints, therefore, hot water bottles, thermal patches or cherry stone cushions provide noticeable relief - for a short time. If you want to benefit longer from the soothing heat, you can do something good in a waterbed while you sleep. The integrated heating in a waterbed warms up the water to the desired temperature and keeps it constant throughout the night. Normally, a temperature is set that matches that of our skin surface so that it is neither too warm nor too cold in bed. In back pain, the temperature can be easily increased - your muscles relax at night more durable than short-term heat treatments on the day.

Warmth is a caressing unit for aching backs. Waterbeds provide constant warmth during your sleep thanks to the integrated heating system. For deep relaxation - night after night.

5.) Relief and back pain

Back pain often results from tension and one-sided stress. If your back hurts acutely, you can use the step support for immediate relief. Lie flat on the floor and place your legs on a chair seat. Lower leg and thighs form a right angle. Breathe in and out, calm and deep, and stay in that position as long as it suits you. The step bearing relieves the sciatic nerve and reduces the pressure on the intervertebral discs. Take this position several times a day - also preventive. If you want to feel the effect of the relief even at night, should try the sleep in a water bed. In the supine position, the (lighter) legs are slightly elevated compared to the (heavier) pelvis - the relief of the staging is done automatically here. The unpressurized lying comfort in a waterbed promotes the circulation of all organs and muscles and optimally relieves the spine. Whether back or side position: thanks to the water displacement, the spine is always aligned straight and your discs can regenerate optimally.

Relieve your back - during the day with the help of the step support, and at night in a good sleep system. The waterbed.