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Carbon Heater® Benefits - everything at a glance

Electricity and water are part of our daily lives and interact smoothly in washing machines, dishwashers and coffee machines. In heated waterbeds, this is no different. Equipped with 6 separate safety elements and the VDE-GS safety certification, Carbon Heater® waterbed heaters enable you to enjoy the cosy warmth of your waterbed leaving all worries behind.

  • The thermal bridge integrated in the heating element detects a potential overheating and transfers the information via the sensor to the controller
  • In addition to the thermal bridge, the PTC effect of the thermistor reduces heat output
  • A thermal fuse in Carbon Heater® heating elements interrupts the circuit in case of overheating
  • The electronic thermostat checks the correct operation of the heating system every second and, in the event of a fault, shuts off the heater as a precaution.
  • An additional fuse protects you against external influences such as a lightning strike
  • The heating element located under the safety liner of your waterbed is waterproof according to IP 67, has a very high voltage resistance of over 8,000 volts (standard requirement: 1,230 volts) and can therefore permanently withstand any contact with water

With Carbon Heater® you are on the safe side!

We have been manufacturing Carbon Heater® waterbed heating systems in Germany (Villingen-Schwenningen) in compliance with QA standards of the automotive and medical engineering industries since 2003. During the manufacturing process, the quality and functionality of all the materials and components used is repeatedly tested.

We use only premium quality plasma treated films for the production of the heating elements. The plasma treatment increases the bonding characteristics of the film surface, where the carbon and the silver conductors are subsequently applied. These are then heated together in an annealing furnace for as long as it takes to create an inseparable bond between the materials. After this process, the film, carbon heater resistor and silver electrodes form a solid, robust and durable unit.

The processing of contacts also contributes to a high level durability. All live and safety-related contacts are mechanically riveted or crimped. In the riveting or crimping process, two components are joined together through plastic deformation. Both methods have the advantage over conventional soldering in that the contacts remain completely insensitive to the changing temperature of a heater. The phenomenon of cold solder joints is therefore unknown in Carbon Heater® heating elements.

To ensure that all requirements are fulfilled, the entire production process is regularly monitored by VDE.

Quality provides long-lasting enjoyment of the product!

Carbon Heater® waterbed heating systems - whether with a digital or analogue control unit - are quick, easy and intuitive to use.

The digital "IQ Carbon" control unit allows you to set the heater according to your personal wishes. You can set the desired temperature, the timer with alarm clock function or the 2-pole mains switch-off simply, in a self-explanatory and intuitive way, without the need of first studying tedious instruction manuals. And if there is a power failure, the control unit always stores the last setting.

The "Classic" analogue control units focus on the essentials. The feel-good temperature can be adjusted directly on the rotary switch dial plate after deactivating the child lock - nothing could be easier. The integrated LED shows you when the heating system is active (LED lights up) or when the set temperature has been reached (LED off).

Easy operation makes it easier to handle!

We care about each and every customer - we care about YOU!

ith our products we supply you the highest quality and the latest technology. Therefore you may make correspondingly high demands on our cooperation with you. Our customer-oriented approach is characterised by fairness and goodwill - even after expiration of the legal warranty.

We always have time for you and your requests and reliably deal with your concerns. Honesty and reliability are part of our business philosophy. When we say something, we mean it, and when we promise something, we know how to keep it.

Carbon Heater® waterbed heating systems are a service-oriented and high quality branded product. With around 760 trading partners in 20 countries, we can guarantee a fast and reliable service. We also offer around the clock complaints processing and free technical support without long waiting times.

We for you - you are our customer!

Energy is an important issue - energy is scarce and we need it every day. A meaningful and environmentally conscious use of energy is therefore important.

With the Carbon Heater® waterbed heating systems, you can be sure that no energy/current will be wasted. With an efficiency of almost 99.9% - which means, that practically all of the electricity is converted into heat - Carbon Heater® heating systems are among the most efficient and energy-saving systems in the world.

The digital and analogue controllers also contribute to optimum energy efficiency. The water temperature is continuously measured and the heater is only switched on when the temperature falls below the set level. Energy is used sensibly and optimally, thanks to an optimal control and an extremely low power loss.

Optimum energy efficiency contributes to a better quality of life.

Warmth is very important to us humans. Warmth relaxes, provides a feeling of security and makes you feel good. No wonder that warmth is such an important factor for the comfort of a waterbed. However: Everybody experiences warmth differently.

This is why the temperature in Carbon Heater® heating systems can be individually adjusted to the users needs at any time. Both the controls as well as the temperature sensor in the heating element allow a deviation of +/- 0.1 °C, based on the relative temperature. It is hardly possible to be more precise and constant.

Besides, the Carbon Heater® heating elements are of large dimensions and can transmit the heat evenly to the water chamber while preserving the surrounding materials.

The "IQ Carbon" control has a temperature range from 24 ˚C to 36 ˚C and can be adjusted in 0.1 ˚C increments. The "Classic" analogue controls have a temperature adjustment range from 25 ˚C to 35 ˚C and can be adjusted in 0.33 ˚C increments.

Why are the temperature steps so small? Think of summer, with a cozy 25 ˚C in the shade. Half an extra degree will make it seem too warm to you. The fine steps in the setting therefore ensure the perfect feel-good temperature.

Perfect warmth for your optimal feel-good factor!

We do not necessarily worry about electrical and magnetic fields in the bedroom that come from, say, a clock radio on our bedside table or an active Wi-Fi; but when it comes to a waterbed heater things sometimes look quite different. Due to the direct contact, we want to be feel safe in terms of biocompatibility.

Carbon Heater® heating systems can offer you this security. The shielding technology of the heaters is VDE-EMC tested and features values that fall way below the legal limit - so much so, that it is hard to measure any values ​​at all. For instance, the maximum limit for people with pacemakers is 65,000 nT - Carbon Heater® heating systems achieve a value of less than 6.0 nT. This is 10,000 times less than the recommended value. We do our utmost to achieve an optimal compatibility for your comfort.

In case you are still not convinced: our "IQ Carbon" systemoffers a completely power-free solution for the heating element. The system has a 2-pole mains switch-off with integrated timer and mains isolation capability*. If the circuit decoupler/timer is active during the night, no electricity will flow during this time. And where there is no current, there are no fields.

Biological compatibility - well above the standards!

*To ensure that the device works correctly, the mains circuit breaker for the relevant circuit should have an adjustable sensitivity. In light of this, we recommend the mains circuit breaker from Eltako GmbH with type designation FR12 (or comparable).

Sustainability and environmental protection are our duty. For us, environmental protection begins with the selection of materials. We attach great importance to knowing where they come from as well as their recyclability. We are also aware of the importance of using energy efficiently in our production processes. For reasons of sustainability, we deliberately do without elaborate, smart cardboard packaging, and ship our goods in recyclable dust protection bags. After all, the content is what counts, not the packaging.

When the heating system finally reaches the end of its useful service life, it can simply be handed in free of charge to any public waste disposal company to be recycled. The registration of all our heating systems at Stiftung-EAR contributes to this. The circle closes seamlessly when the disposed heater enters the recycling chain. Sustainability, from beginning to end - for the sake of our environment.

Environmental awareness, from purchase to disposal!