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Waterbed Prejudices - Truth versus Fiction

The more absurd a prejudice is, the more stubborn it usually is. Whether women basically can not park or men can not listen - each of us knows the opposite and yet they hold themselves - weird prejudices. Waterbeds are no different in this regard. The idea of breaking through the blanket with the bed and landing with the neighbor below us has literally burned into our brains as a picture. But may we believe the picture without prejudice or not? We scrutinized and reviewed the 5 most common prejudices about waterbeds: truth or fiction?

Waterbeds can not be placed in any room for static reasons

This is clearly fiction and therefore wrong. Although a waterbed weighs more than a conventional sleep system, the load is distributed over the entire surface through a special substructure. Decisive is the so-called traffic load in rooms, which is specified in DIN 1055. It indicates how much kg / m² the ceiling structure of the room must carry. A water bed plus persons plus other furniture in the bedroom does not reach this limit. As an illustration, you can also imagine 3 strong persons standing on one square meter and thus even more weight than a waterbed relative to the area. Concerns would probably collapse none of the three ...

Waterbeds are expensive

That's true, that's fiction, and it's mostly relative. Waterbeds are available for the small budget as well as for the big one. As with mattresses too. You do not need to spend more than a reasonable mattress on a waterbed, but you can invest a lot more. As with all other products, the price depends on various factors, especially quality. Anything other than the pure price is much more important in making this claim, in order to really make a statement. The durability! Waterbeds last much longer than conventional mattresses, while maintaining the same level of comfort. While dry mattresses should be renewed every 7 years for purely hygienic reasons and some have to be replaced beforehand due to cooling formation, waterbeds - water can not compress! - also keep 10 years or more. In addition, a waterbed consists of individual components that can be replaced if necessary. A complete new purchase is not mandatory. So if price and life of a waterbed compared with the price and life of a dry mattress, the waterbed often cuts even cheaper. Therefore, the claim that "waterbeds are expensive" is less true than fiction.

Waterbeds burst easily

Of course, fiction! You can jump into a waterbed, hop on it or even perform a tap dance - the waterbed will not burst. A waterbed is a pressureless system. If you apply massive pressure at one point, the water will retreat to other places. To damage a waterbed, you have to act massively negligent, eg. B. with a sharp object stuck in the film. But even then - not yet another prejudice - the whole water comes out bubbly. As long as there is no pressure on the system, nothing happens! Only when you go to bed, individual droplets will flow out of the hole, but they will be caught in the safety tub surrounding the water core. Your bedroom will stay dry even in this case. Escaped water collects only in the narrow area between the safety tub and mattress and so quickly reaches the surface of the bed. With a commercially available repair kit, the leak can be quickly, easily and permanently closed.

In a waterbed you lie like in a hammock

Fiction! To lie in a water bed like in a hammock is physically impossible. Although the pelvis sinks deeper as a body center of gravity (which may seem strange at first in an emotional sense), the displacement of the water always guarantees correct positioning of the spine. Water gives way under pressure while supporting cavities - that's ergonomics. The decisive factor here is the correct filling quantity, which is set individually for the respective person when a waterbed is delivered. Fills the filling amount, you are fully supported in each sleeping position with straight spine line without painful pressure areas. Best conditions for optimal regeneration at night.

Water bed gurgling and wobbling

Water beds gurgling - that's true if you never vent the water core because you like the soothing cluck. It is fictional when you vent your waterbed now and then with a venting pump. Whether and how often this is required depends on various factors. In any case, the venting process is easy and done in minutes.

Waterbed wobble - that's true, if you prefer a freeflow. If there is only water in the water core, it will gently sway after a few seconds of movement of your body. If it can be said of a wave here, it is a very small one. Waves need space and no bed is that big. Therefore, the movement even in a free flow after a familiarization phase is often even perceived as pleasant.

Waterbeds wobble - is fiction if you opt for a waterbed with reassurance. Depending on pronounced reassurance by z. B. fleece or foam inserts in the water core is from wobbling in a waterbed little to nothing to feel.