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3in1 DeskClimate

Ventilator, fan heater and IR radiant heater combined in one energy-efficient device for your desk.

A cosy temperature in winter thanks to individual warmth, combined with refreshing ventilation on hot summer days.

3in1 DeskClimate

Ventilator, fan heater and IR radiant heater combined in one energy-efficient device for your desk.

A cosy temperature in winter thanks to individual warmth, combined with refreshing ventilation on hot summer days.

Carbon Heater® DeskClimate - all benefits at a glance

The Workplaces Ordinance sets a minimum requirement for room temperature, depending on the job, but the directive (ASR 6) does not take personal well-being into account. Men tend to prefer cooler temperatures, while women are more comfortable at warmer temperatures. can lead to a hot/cold conflict in teams.

An IFMA study from 1991 to 2009 demonstrated the importance of a comfortable room temperature for everyone. Most complaints in companies were about the workplace's indoor temperature. Complaints about excessive heat or cold at work ranked first and second for the entire period studied, followed by air quality and equipment.

The general indoor temperature depends on external factors, including the season, sunlight, insulation of the building, and centrally controlled heating or air-conditioning units. Each person's desired temperature depends on individual needs and changing temperature sensations. In an effort to make the room temperature suit each individual, then, windows are repeatedly opened and closed, and heating and air conditioning are constantly switched on and off. This has little success with larger numbers of people in the room, though, since everyone has their own personal temperature sensations.

Carbon Heater® DeskClimate under the desk provides an individually adjustable island temperature. Heating or cooling takes place at each workstation according to personal needs and without disturbing other people in the room. Let's say, for example, that Ms Smith wants cosy warmth and Mr Wilson needs refreshing coolness – both of them will be happy even if their workstations are located next to or opposite each other. Whether it be in a small or large office space: Carbon Heater® DeskClimate under every office desk can satisfy everyone's sense of well-being permanently and regardless of any external factors.

Individually adjustable island temperatures at workstations improve focus. Error rates go down and, as a result, productivity in the company goes up. The positive effect of an optimum indoor temperature also influences health and can significantly reduce absences owing to illness.

Personalised temperature at every workstation promotes a positive working atmosphere within the team and results in companies' employees being more appreciative, loyal and committed.

Carbon Heater® DeskClimate combines the advantages of a fan heater and infrared heating in one single unit. The warm-air function for thighs and feet plus radiant/contact heat on the desk surface for hands and upper body can be activated separately and can be set to five different power levels.

The five power levels provide constant, pleasant warmth, whatever the working environment. Levels 1 and 2 are preferable for offices, while levels 3 and 4 are perfect for production spaces. Level 5 is suitable for areas with a high heat demand like warehouses (goods entrance/exit) and ensures a constant pleasant temperature there as well.

Unlike conventional heaters, Carbon Heater® DeskClimate's heating functions are processor-controlled. The electronic controls automatically adjust the temperature and guarantee a constant temperature without having to adjust it constantly. 'It's getting too warm for me', 'it's getting too cold for me', irritating fans and dry eyes are now all things of the past!

Thighs and feet in particular are heated under the desk. The body's close proximity to the DeskClimate unit means only a fraction of the energy and air movement is required to reach a feel-good temperature compared with conventional fan heaters and ventilating fans. When the legs and feet are warm, the pleasant feeling of warmth spreads throughout the whole body.

Hands, meanwhile, become susceptible to the cold after some time, especially when sitting or standing up for long periods in office and production work. Carbon Heater® DeskClimate has the solution here, too: radiant and contact heat to the desktop. The warmth radiates pleasantly towards the upper body and forearms, and hands always remain pleasantly warm.

Room temperature has been shown to have a significant impact on well-being, productivity and health. Unadjustable temperatures are detrimental to physical and mental well-being. Carbon Heater® DeskClimate offers a solution with serious added value: everyone in the room can make their own perfect temperature island.

Heat-free in the office! In the office, the excitement of summer after a long winter quickly wears off when you find yourself sweating on toasty days and can no longer focus on your work. According to the Workplace Ordinance, measures have to be taken if the room temperature exceeds 26ºC. Carbon Heater® DeskClimate makes it possible to stay cool.

Depending on your requirements, DeskClimate can direct cooling, circulating airflow towards the thighs and feet in five adjustable intensity settings. As these areas of the body have exceptionally high blood circulation, the refreshing breeze is like a cooling foot bath for the entire body. The accelerated ambient air supports the body's own temperature compensation and significantly facilitates heat release through the skin.

Placing it under the desktop and the air outlets' proximity to the body mean that – unlike fans – DeskClimate stirs up virtually no dust or pollen, which is an invaluable advantage for allergy sufferers. Carbon Heater® DeskClimate is also significantly quieter than an air conditioner fan or compressor.

Other advantages compared with air conditioning include personalisation, zero maintenance, and energy savings. DeskClimate's refreshing effect can be adjusted to the desired intensity at every individual workstation without affecting other people in the room. At max. 12 watts/h, the energy requirement is significantly lower than air-conditioning units which, depending on the design, usually require at least 1,000 watts/h.  

Carbon Heater® DeskClimate turns hot summer's days at work into a shady lakeside beach! Perfect temperature islands increase well-being for individuals and teams alike. It's possible to focus on work again, pushing productivity up.

Form follows function: right from the word go, gentle airflow stood at the heart of the development of the Carbon Heater® DeskClimate. That's why DeskClimate is placed under the worktop to gently direct airflow upwards at legs and feet. Draughts in the shoulder and neck area – which are hard to avoid, no matter what fan is used – are eliminated. And so, muscular tension in the neck and back area will be things of the past along with headaches caused by airflow.

DeskClimate's gentle airflow also protects sensitive eyes. Conventional fans often whirl up dust particles and pollen, leading to itching and the feeling of a grain of sand in the eye. Draughts also make the cornea tear film evaporate, causing swollen, watery or red eyes. Thanks to DeskClimate, you don't need to worry about these unpleasant side effects, known as Sicca syndrome by doctors.

Carbon Heater® DeskClimate's proximity to the body (5-15 cm) means it only requires a fraction of the airflow (~12.5 l/s instead of ~200 l/s) compared with a fan or an air conditioner to achieve the same heat or cooling effect. This means hardly any dust or pollen is whirled up, not only protecting the eyes, but allergy sufferers' immune systems, too.

Humans' average body temperature is about 37ºC, and too much heat or cold can harm our health and well-being. A comfortable level of heat is always guaranteed with Carbon Heater® DeskClimate, while eliminating irritating environmental factors like fine dust particles in the air. This way, DeskClimate creates a healthy indoor temperature and can significantly reduce absences owing to illness in the team.

Over a period of several years, an IFMA study investigated what irritates people most in companies. It demonstrated that the most common complaints were about workplace temperature (constantly first and second place). Measures like providing fans or installing an air-conditioning unit did not change this, as neither solution fully meets people's individual needs.

Men tend to prefer cooler temperatures, while women are more comfortable at warmer temperatures. Air conditioners usually regulate the room's general temperature (whole room or floor), but do not take individuals' personal preferences into account. Fans are usually noisy and often lead to undesirable circular airflow. Not only is this unpleasant for people with asthma, but the airflow can also lead to muscular tension, something reflected in increased absences owing to illness. The benefits of air conditioners in particular are also very limited in terms of energy costs.

Taking all these aspects into account, Carbon Heater® DeskClimate was developed to meet the challenge of making workplace temperature personal.

The benefits to every single individual in the company were at the heart of the development, and the result speaks for itself:

  • Every single person in the company can set their individual feel-good temperature all year round, regardless of external influences (like the season and room temperature).
  • Quiet, gentle airflow (thanks to absorptive silencers) prevents muscle tension, dry eyes and irritating noises.
  • Regardless of the number of people in the room, DeskClimate provides an individual temperature island. Everyone is free to have their own feel-good temperature without affecting anyone else – even if workstations are next to or opposite each other.
  • DeskClimate can lead to noticeable energy savings and, as a result, significantly reduces companies' carbon footprints.

Carbon Heater® DeskClimate combines the benefits of a heating fan and infrared heating in one single unit. A heating and cooling function below the desktop for legs and feet, as well as radiant and contact heat to the desktop for the upper body and hands, result in a patented solution:

A temperature that is perfectly adjustable to your needs.

Companies' energy consumption depends on external factors (seasons) and room conditions (insulation, windows, heating and air conditioning). Regardless of the machine and production plant, the heating/air-conditioning unit is the largest consumer at around 70% of the energy requirement; the rest is usually accounted for by lighting and technical equipment.

The savings potential of Carbon Heater® DeskClimate is greatest in air conditioning – without having to make investments in complex measuring or control technology for the heating or air-conditioning unit.

Carbon Heater® DeskClimate lets everyone set their own feel-good temperature at any workstation, regardless of external influences and even if they are next to or opposite each other in the same room. The general room temperature on the heating or air conditioning can be significantly lowered as a consequence, particularly in the autumn and winter, from the usual 24ºC to 20ºC.

This reduction and temperature compensation by DeskClimate can greatly reduce heating costs. High-consumption air-conditioning units can also be done away with in the summertime thanks to the cooling airflow.

A temperature island that can be adjusted to personal needs has enormous advantages: it promotes individual well-being, increases focus and therefore productivity, reduces energy consumption and so also contributes to improving companies' carbon footprints.

Our homepage includes an energy calculator to work out individual savings potential.

All functions at your fingertips thanks to TouchControl. Clear, illuminated symbols make intuitive operation child's play.

TouchControl is fitted next to the air-conditioning unit under the desktop. It can be fitted to the right or the left of the air conditioner, depending on personal preference. The U-shaped opening in the casing allows TouchControl to be attached to work or production tables with a strut on the front edge of the desk. The operating/display element is kept in view and can be reached easily without changing your sitting position.

TouchControl makes it possible to operate the functions intuitively.

  • Warm air
    in 5 power levels

  • Contact heat
    in 5 power levels

  • Cooling airflow
    in 5 power levels

  • Automatic shutdown
    in 5 time stages

The illuminated symbols on the TouchControl unit provide a straightforward overview so that the current settings can be understood immediately. Adjustments (more or less heat or cooling) are possible at any time. Automatic shutdown after 1.5 to 7.5 hours is particularly useful for ensuring high safety and energy efficiency.

TouchControl is intuitive to use, flexible to set up and, thanks to its ingenious shape, can fit any desk.

Carbon Heater® DeskClimate is delivered ready to assemble and is suitable for all desks with enough free space under the worktop. Of course, it is also suitable for height-adjustable desks.

These are the external dimensions:

  • DeskClimate (unit)
    Width: 80.0 cm
    Depth: 32.0 cm with cable plug (25.0 cm without cable plug)
    Height: 2.0 cm to 6.0 cm
  • TouchControl (control unit)
    Width: 12.0 cm
    Depth: 26.0 cm with cable outlet (23.0 cm without cable outlet)
    Height: 3.5 cm

DeskClimate's flat design means that legroom under the desk is not restricted when the seat height is ergonomically aligned with the desk. DeskClimate should be fitted in the middle of the normal sitting position. The distance to the front end of the desk (or the desktop's supporting strut) should be at least 5 mm. If there is a cross strut nearby, it can usually be moved to free up the space that DeskClimate requires. The control unit should be placed next to DeskClimate (right or left). The U-shaped opening in the housing means TouchControl can also be attached directly to the support strut.

The accessories required for assembly as well as the operating and assembly instructions are also included in the delivery package, of course. Assembly usually takes less than 15 minutes and doesn't require any particular skills or training.

A new product puts smiles on people's faces. Especially when it's easy to assemble and can be used quickly. DeskClimate is that kind of product. No matter what temperature it is outside, Carbon Heater® DeskClimate always creates the temperature island you desire. PERFECT!