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*The values ​​given are indicative and based on a tariff of 35 cents per kW/h. The energy requirement depends, among other things, on room temperature, ventilation and insulation of the waterbed, therefore we cannot assume any liability for the stated values.

Assembly of the Carbon Heater® waterbed heating system

If you want to replace the heater of your waterbed you have several options.

  1. You assign the competent specialist dealer in your area to carry out the task
  2. You replace the heating yourself and drain the waterbed to do so
  3. You replace the heater with a full mattress bladder

To 1)
Having a specialist dealer replace the heater is the simplest and fastest solution. Your specialist dealer knows his business and will have installed and connected the new heater in no time. In addition, by doing so you will benefit from a longer warranty period. Carbon Heater® Heating systems can be found at more than 1,100 retailers worldwide therefore a short-term heater replacement is always guaranteed.

To 2)
If you want to change the heater yourself, it is an advantage to drain the waterbed first.
Important! First unplug the mains plug of the heater from the socket!

You should definitely use a vacuum pump (available at almost all retailers) to drain the mattress. The pump completely empties the water chambers without damaging the interior. The process takes about 15 minutes, depending on the bed size. Then you can remove the bladder and safety liner and have an easy access to the heater or heating element. Subsequently, disconnect the heating element from the thermostat by pulling the plug out of the thermostat (except in the SilverTec model, where the heating element and the thermostat cannot be separated). You can n remove the heating pad and the thermostat. Place the new heating element flat and crease-free with a minimum distance of 10 cm to the foam parts. Pull the control cable with the assembly plug to the thermostat through the provided opening in the deck and then plug the connector in the controller. Now you can place the safety liner and the water bladder on top of the heater again and fill the bladder.

Put the new heater into operation only after the mattress has been completely filled.

To 3)
Due to the ultra-flat and robust construction of the Carbon Heater® heating elements, it is possible to replace them when the water mattress is full. To do so, the water in the mattress must be pushed aside using a light but targeted pressure (optimally from the side and the middle of the bladder). With two persons, it can be carried out easily - one person holds the water bladder in position, while the second person replaces the heating element. After you have exposed the heating element by pushing in the side of the safety liner and the bladder, you can remove it as described in 2) and place the new heater.