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Waterbed technical terms - understandably explained

Whether you value the perfect hygiene and the optimal sleeping climate of a waterbed, or just want to give your body the best comfort: A waterbed has many advantages. Anyone who is more interested in this sleep system, meets the following technical terms again and again. We explain to you understandably what they mean.

Soft Side

In this waterbed system, the water core is surrounded by a circumferential foam frame - in straight or bevelled shape. The soft foam frame makes it easier to get in and out of the waterbed, but reduces the amount of lying surface. Softside systems should therefore be chosen larger and larger so as not to lose any mattress surface. This is especially important in the length of the bed - softsiders should be at least 210 cm in length. The surrounding foam frame also acts as an insulation for the heated water core. The energy requirement of a softside waterbed is significantly lower than that of a hardside waterbed. Softside water beds do not necessarily need a bed frame - they can stand alone as a free-standing variant with or without headboard. An installation in a bed frame is - if desired - of course given.

Hard Side

This waterbed system necessarily requires a bed frame because it supports the water core all around. Also, the bed side height must be as high as the height of the water core so that it can not "overhang". The entry and exit from a hardside waterbed can be a bit more arduous, because the mattress gives more while sitting and you have to get in and out of the now higher bed frame edge. Hardside waterbeds are the first waterbed system that conquered the market. The water mattress, safety tub and textile cover rest in a conventional bed frame and are at first glance indistinguishable from conventional mattresses. The big advantage of this system is the lying area, nothing is lost. Do you have z. B. a bed frame with the dimensions 180 x 200 cm and build into this a hardside waterbed, the new bed surface remains exactly 180 x 200 cm.

Waterbed heaters

Each waterbed requires a heater that heats the water to an average temperature of 28 degrees. Individual adjustments of the temperature up or down are given at any time and allow an optimal sleeping environment in every season.

The waterbed heater is located under the safety tub on the bottom plate of the system and never comes into contact with water. In addition, high-quality heating systems are repeatedly secured and tested, very robust and durable as well as energy-saving. They ensure a comfortable sleeping environment through an even heat distribution and can improve your health and increase your well-being through more effective muscle relaxation. On the pleasant warmth of a waterbed many people who have experienced it, never want to give it up again.

Waterbed calming levels

Water beds, whose core contains nothing but water, have no calming stage. They swing after each movement of the body for a few seconds, until they are completely calm again. If you do not like it, you have the choice between different calming levels. These are achieved by fleece or foam inserts of different design, which are incorporated into the core. The inserts slow down the proper movement of the water after a body movement. The more deposits are in the waterbed, the greater the braking effect and the less the waterbed oscillates. The designation of the calming stages is not standardized and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It only gives an approximate value of how much or how little the waterbed reacts to movement. A direct comparison of the same calming levels from different manufacturers is not really meaningful. In addition, nothing can replace the personal feeling. To choose the right level of reassurance for you, you should therefore always personally to the sample and take enough time for it.

Waterbed uno and dual

As with conventional mattresses, the waterbed also offers the option of choosing a full-length or two separate mattresses for a double bed. Whether uno or dual system - both are always together in the continuous safety trough and the surrounding textile cover. Seen from the outside, it is impossible to tell if there are one or two water cores, and there is no need for the common knowledge of conventional mattresses.

Which of the two systems you choose is often a matter of taste. If both users are questioning the same type of waterbed (calming level) and you like being lightly balanced by your partner's movements, you can opt for a continuous water mattress. The feeling of being in a waterbed is all the better the bigger it is or the more water you are lying. That can speak for a continuous mattress.

If you are good on different mattress cores, the decision for a dual system is only logical. But even if you feel comfortable on the same mattress type, but do not want to feel the movements of the partner, the decision for a dual system is appropriate. The advantage here is also the possible different temperature: If you have to agree on a temperature throughout a mattress, with a dual system, each user can set his own personal desired temperature.