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IQ Carbon 320 Watt

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Energy efficient heater Energy efficient heater
Timer with power cut-off Timer with power cut-off
Clock with alarm function Clock with alarm function
Uniform heat distribution Uniform heat distribution
Logical operation Logical operation
Simple installation Simple installation
VDE-GS tested safety VDE-GS tested safety
Made in Germany Made in Germany

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The digital IQ Carbon 320 Watt waterbed heating system from the Carbon Heater® series is the perfect partner for wide single beds or king-size beds with a one bladder water mattress (single chamber system). The manufacturer or brand of your waterbed is not relevant. Thanks to its robust and ultra-flat design, installation is extremely easy, even when the mattress bladder is filled.

The digital IQ Carbon 320 Watt is like a perfect latte macchiato with extra caffeine - it's designed for performance and its comfort features offer best results.

The intelligent IQ Carbon is technically convincing thanks to:

  • efficient performance - 99.9% of the electricity is converted to heat
  • 2-pole mains switch-off for biological compatibility
  • compatibility with circuit decoupler without additional installations*
  • sophisticated quality with VDE-GS safety certification

The IQ Carbon features convenient additional functions for your benefit, such as:

  • reminder for refilling the conditioner
  • clock and alarm to ensure you will start your day on time

Design follows function:

A thermostat can be this nice-looking - and still be intuitive and easy to use

With the digital IQ Carbon 320 Watt you will be providing your waterbed with one of the most important advantages of this sleep system - warmth - at the highest technical level. Enjoy a well-developed, durable service life - every night. Your waterbed will be happy too, because the mild surface temperature of the IQ Carbon ensures that the vinyl casing of your waterbed bladder will not show any signs of premature aging. Your wide single bladder waterbed mattress will be heated continuously and uniformly, thanks to the optimal surface and performance ratio of the large heating element.

After a good nights sleep you'll be in a better mood, more productive and much less stress-prone. Whoever sleeps in a cosy warm nest will feel, above all, more relaxed. Therefore, the IQ Carbon also contributes significantly to your health. The relaxing warmth of your bed makes it a place you just don't want to leave again.

*To ensure that the device works correctly, the mains circuit breaker for the relevant circuit should have an adjustable sensitivity. In light of this, we recommend the mains circuit breaker from Eltako GmbH with type designation FR12 (or comparable).

  • Energy efficient heating system
    almost 99.9% of the input current is converted into heat

  • VDE-GS
    safety certification

  • Timer with a 2-pole mains switch-off
    switch-on/switch-off time can be set individually, the heating element is completely disconnected from the mains

  • Suitable for circuit decoupler*
    full functionality with a circuit decoupler in the electricity system of your home

  • Comfort settings
    self-explanatory operation with clock, alarm and child lock to protect against unintentional adjustment

  • Reminder function
    reminds you to refill the conditioner, with no need of further settings

  • Shielded heating element with VDE-EMC certification
    for optimum biocompatibility

  • Plug-in heating element
    the heating element can be unplugged from the thermostat for quick installation and easy replacement

  • Ultra-flat yet robust heating element
    can be installed even under full water bladders

  • Mild and uniform surface temperature
    no aging of the vinyl or other materials

  • Temperature range from 24 °C to 36 °C
    individually adjustable

    *To ensure that the device works correctly, the mains circuit breaker for the relevant circuit should have an adjustable sensitivity. In light of this, we recommend the mains circuit breaker from Eltako GmbH with type designation FR12 (or comparable).

Waterbed type:

  • deep fill, softside/hardside waterbeds
  • wide single bladder mattress waterbeds

Size of water mattress:

  • Width up to 200 cm x length up to 220 cm
  • Height min. 10 cm to 25 cm
  • The heating element is placed on a solid deck with an insulation of max. 10 mm thickness
  • Each waterbed bladder requires an individual heating element

Technical data:

  • Power supply: 230 volts
  • Rated frequency: 50 hertz
  • Rated power: 320 watts
  • Temperature control: 24 °C - 36 °C
  • Temperature tolerance: ± 0.1 °C
  • Magnetic field strength: 2.8 nT - 24.7 nT (official limit in Germany: 100,000 nT)
  • Electric field strength: 4 - 6 V/m (official limit in Germany: 5,000 V/m)
  • Dimensions of heating element: 705 mm x 380 mm x 1 mm
  • Length of power cable: 1.5 m


  • Protection class II
  • Error message: yes
  • Thermal fuse: yes
  • Electric fuse: yes
  • Earthing system: yes (Functional earthing)
  • Shielding: yes
  • Thermostat insulation: 8,000 volts (officially required = 1,230 volts)
  • Heating element insulation: 2 x 2,000 volts (officially required = 1,230 volts)
  • Waterproof (heating element): IP67

Certificates, marks and labels:

  • VDE-GS
  • SAA / RMC
  • CE
  • WEEE-Reg Nr: DE 32636890