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High Standard
Classic LS 215 Watt

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Energy efficient heater Energy efficient heater
Stabilising heating element Stabilising heating element
2-stage control 2-stage control
Uniform heat distribution Uniform heat distribution
Simple installation Simple installation
Logical operation Logical operation
VDE-GS tested safety VDE-GS tested safety
Made in Germany Made in Germany

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The Classic LS 215 Watt from the Carbon Heater® series is the perfect heater for a cosy temperature in your wide lightweight waterbed or in a tube or multi-chamber waterbed system.

The heating element is equipped with a special stabilisation for these bed systems and, with its kink protection, guarantees long-lasting use at the highest technical level. The brand or the manufacturer of the bed play no role here: The Classic LS 215 Watt heater is ultra-thin and can be easily installed, even with a full water bladder.

The Classic LS 215 Watt is like a strong milk coffee - it offers extra performance for special demands and is absolutely compatible.

Lightweight and multi-chamber waterbeds have a different structure than deep fill waterbeds. In these systems, the heater is not placed on a solid deck, but on a soft foam base instead. This places special demands on the heater.

The Classic LS 215 Watt offers you:

  • a stabilised heating element with kink protection for soft foam
  • vinyl-friendly surface temperature of the heating element
  • shielding against electromagnetic fields
  • 99.9% energy efficiency
  • VDE-GS safety certificate

The Classic LS 215 Watt offers you a perfect sleeping temperature in your waterbed and a great quality of life. You will feel the stress and worries of the day fall away from you in the cosy warmth of your bed. Relaxation is no longer a condition that you must consciously bring about: relaxation now happens automatically and fully. Waking up tired from a bad night's sleep is now a thing of the past - from now on you'll be wide awake and ready to enjoy your day!

  • Energy efficient heating system
    almost 99.9% of the input current is converted into heat

  • VDE-GS
    safety certification

  • Stabilised heating element
    with kink protection for soft foam base

  • 2-stage temperature control
    for protection against temperature build-up

  • Shielded heating element
    for optimal biological compatibility

  • Plug-in heating element
    the heating element can be unplugged from the thermostat for quick installation and easy replacement

  • Ultra-flat yet robust heating element
    can be installed even under full water bladders

  • Mild and uniform surface temperature
    no aging of the vinyl or materials

  • Temperature range from 24 °C to 36 °C
    individually adjustable

  • Child lock
    Protection against accidental adjustment

Waterbed type:

  • Wide lightweight waterbeds and tube or multi-chamber system waterbeds
  • The mattress is usually on slatted frame

Size of water mattress for lightweight waterbed:

  • Width up to 180 cm x length up to 190 cm
  • Height min. 5 cm to 12 cm
  • Each waterbed bladder requires an individual heating element

Size of chamber in tube waterbed:

  • Width up to 20 cm x length up to 200 cm
  • Height of tube min. 5 cm to 12 cm
  • 1 heater is suitable for up to 5 chambers/tubes

Technical data:

  • Power supply: 230 volts
  • Rated frequency: 50 hertz
  • Rated power: 215 watts
  • Temperature control range: 25 °C - 35 °C
  • Temperature tolerance: ± 0.1 °C
  • Magnetic field strength: 2.8 nT - 24.7 nT (official limit in Germany: 100,000 nT)
  • Electric field strength: 4 - 6 V/m (official limit in Germany: 5,000 V/m)
  • Heating element dimensions: 635 mm x 290 mm x 1 mm
  • Length of power cable: 1.5 m


  • Protection class II
  • Stabilised heating element: yes
  • Thermal fuse: yes
  • Electric fuse: yes
  • Earthing system: yes (Functional earthing)
  • Shielding: yes
  • Thermostat insulation: 8,000 volts (officially required = 1,230 volts)
  • Heating element insulation: 2 x 2,000 volts (officially required = 1,230 volts)
  • Waterproof (heating element): IP67

Certificates, marks and labels:

  • VDE-GS
  • SAA / RMC
  • CE
  • WEEE-Reg Nr: DE 32636890