Carbon Heater®

For detailed information, please see the Operating Instructions supplied with every new heater system and also available from the Download section. Various Carbon Heater® systems are available to suit the particular type and style of your waterbed. See “Products” for more information on the appropriate choice of waterbed heater.

1. Before installing the waterbed heater, check that it is working properly. Plug the power cable (No. 4) into a mains socket (220 – 230 volts AC). The heater element (No. 2) should warm up after a few seconds. After testing the heater, make sure to disconnect it from the mains again. The same also applies if and when you dismantle the waterbed. Before emptying the water cores, always unplug the heater from the mains.

2. Unplug the connector/control cable of the heating element (No. 3) from the control unit (No. 1).

3. Position the heating element (No. 2) at the centre of the water core (No. 10) and at least 10 cm from the frame (No. 7), under the safety surround (No. 8). All installation waste must be removed from the deck (No.6) and the gaps between the individual panels evened out. The heating element (No. 2) must be laid so it has no folds or kinks, and must never be located under any foam element.

4. Insert the control cable with the connector to the heater element (No. 3) through the aperture provided in the deck (No. 6). Take care not to bend the contacts of the connector.

5. Plug the connector from the heating element (No. 3) into the control unit (No. 1). Only plug the power cable (No. 4) from the control unit into a mains socket when the water core (No. 10) has been completely filled.

Energy costs calculator

Information of your waterbed:

Height of the water core:
Width of the water core:
(without foam frame)
Length of the water core:
(without foam frame)
Water temperature:
(Recommended: 28°C)
Bottom plate isolated:

Your result:

Energy consumption at 19°C
room temperature:
(usually cold season)
kWh / day*
Energy consumption at 21°C
room temperature:
(usually annual average)
kWh / day*
Energy consumption at 23°C
room temperature:
(usually warm season)
kWh / day*

* The calculated and displayed values are shown as benchmarks. Depending on the season, ventilation behaviour and thickness of the blanket, the result values can be different??.
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