„Classic“ LS 100 watts - analogue


„Classic“ LS 100 watts - analogue

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  • Energy-saving heater
    Almost 99.9% of the input energy/current is converted into heat
  • TÜV Süd certified safety
    Information about our TÜV Süd certificates can be found at
  • Stabilized heating element
    With kink protection for use with soft foam base
  • 2-stage temperature control
    Protects against temperature build-ups
  • Shielded heating element
    For optimum biocompatibility
  • Plug-in heating element
    The heating element can be unplugged from the adjustment thermostat for easy fitting and replacement
  • Flexible but sturdy heating element
    Can be pushed under water cores even when they are already filled
  • Gentle surface temperature
    Causes no ageing to the vinyl or other materials
  • Temperature range from 25°C to 35°C
    Individually adjustable
  • Child lock
    Prevents unwanted change in setting

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Suitable for

Geeignet für:

The “Classic” LS 100 watt heater system is suitable for:

Use with foam base
The heating element lies on a soft surface

Lightweight water mattresses

Water core height at least 5 cm, mattress length up to 200 cm and mattress breadth up to 90 cm

Important note
One heater per water core is required.

The heater should preferably be installed by a professional beneath the safety surround and approx. 10 cm distant from the edge, in strict compliance with the operating and fitting instructions.

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Technical data:
Mains voltage: 230 volts | Rated frequency: 50 hertz | Rated power: 100 watts | Temperature control range: 25°C - 35°C | Temperature tolerance: ± 0.1°C | Magnetic field strength: 2.8 nT - 24.7 nT (official limit Germany: 100,000 nT) | Electrical field strength: 4 - 6 V/m (official limit Germany: 5,000 V/m | Heating element dimensions: 390 mm x 290 mm x 1 mm | Length of power cable: 1.5 m

Thermal fuse: Yes | Electric fuse: Yes | Earthing: Yes | Shielding: Yes | Thermostat insulation: 8,000 volts (official regulation: 1,230 volts) | Heating element insulation: 2 x 2,000 volts (official regulation = 1,230 volts) | Waterproof (heating element): IP67

WEEE-Reg Nr: DE 32636890

Information about our TÜV Süd certificates please visit

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